A beginning

Like all things, this blog needs a beginning. What better place to start I thought, than the beginning of this love of mine? This certified insanity we call sport.

I grew up in a home, not a house. A home with a beating heart, a steady pulse and a voracious appetite for sport. Most days saw people coming and going, a jumble of pieces under one roof, constantly pieced together to form the puzzle that is family life. There was however, one unanimous priority. Sport. But more specifically, rugby. My first love.

As the test series against England looms I am filled with the same sense of anticipation I felt as a small child. It has not diminished, not in the least. The whole day was planned around the footy. I was undoubtedly a sporting tragic, making signs and devoting hours to perfecting the Wallabies’ logo. It was very important; you never knew when the TV camera would pan to you (sitting on our lounge room floor). High stakes stuff. To me though, it was important.

We would gather around the TV, settled into lounges or sprawled upon the floor, decked out in green and gold. When that first whistle blew, the rest of the world it seemed, fell away. Eyes fixed upon the screen, I would hold my breath as I willed the opening seconds, minutes to be error free. For at the beginning, those first few passages of play are riddled with nerves. The reality of 79 minutes to make up for them is far from the minds of players and fans alike.

Sport inspires the irrational. The rush of emotions it unleashed was unlike anything I had felt before. It made my dad stamp his feet with excitement; leap with joy and all of us scream our lungs out with elation or frustration (as a Waratahs fan, there’s been a fair share of frustration).

This thing called sport makes us do crazy things. It makes us feel crazy things. I belt out the Swans’ song after each victory not because they can hear me, but because it is the most eloquent way of expressing that pure elation that pulses through my body after a really hard fought win.

It is this overflowing emotion and passion that has inspired me to start this blog. When the siren sounds and the song is over, I often find myself wondering, what next? This is, as its name suggests, a place for sports thoughts. My sports thoughts, whether they be sentimental or analytical. I have decided that this is next.


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