Soggy Sydney sides fail to shine

With what seems like weeks of rain in Sydney showing no sign of ending anytime soon, I was hoping for a brighter weekend on the footy field. Sadly, I was disappointed.

The Grand Final rematch. A pretty big game for round two of the AFL season and one I wasn’t prepared to miss. I had to record the game on Friday night and wasn’t able to watch it until Saturday evening. Yes, this meant another one of those personal blackouts. No social media, no Internet, radio or TV until I had watched the game. It wasn’t difficult and I have secretly come to enjoy them.

It was definitely worth it. The result didn’t go our way but it was an excellent match. Classic AFL. We got off to a fantastic start and Reid well and truly stood up in his 100th game and finished up with a stellar six goals. It is always a bit of a worry though when we are so quick out of the blocks. I knew a team as good as the Bulldogs were sure to find their feet eventually.

AFL is a long game. A very long game. They well and truly found their feet and their spirit is something to really admire. They really do out-Sydney, Sydney. You can see it in every tackle, every contest. They want the ball, whatever the cost and they want to win.

The Swans showed some great spirit and it was by no means a dismal performance. With a young side they performed admirably and fought hard to work their way back into the lead. Like so many games before it though, there was a pivotal moment where our momentum was ripped from us. Unfortunately that spelled the end and we were out of chances and out of time.

This afternoon I trudged to the footy stadium to watch the Waratahs with more fellow fans than I expected, given the miserable weather. Amazingly it cleared just before play got under way and we really couldn’t blame the weather for our performance.

I wasn’t anticipating a win. The fire is definitely not there this season, they just don’t seem to want it badly enough. It wasn’t a completely embarrassing performance. There were some really great moments that had us jumping out of our seats.

Watching Naiyaravoro race down the wing and run not around but straight through the oncoming defender was brilliant. Sadly those moments of brilliance were few and far between. The crusaders were by no means flawless. They seemed at times disorganised, which as a Waratahs supporter was unbelievably frustrating.

We were handed chances from messy play but failed to capitalise. This continued until the Crusaders scored those all-important points to put the game out of reach. Then they proceeded to rub some salt in our wounds. Sigh.

As a Sydney sider this weekend it was more than the weather that dampened my spirits. Let’s hope the sun emerges for these sides next weekend. Sadly, based on today’s performance I feel the forecast for the Waratahs and Hurricanes game next week will reflect their opponent’s name. An effort like today will see them blown off the park. Here’s hoping they lift their game and the Swans take care of Collingwood.


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