I’m sorry, who are you?

Okay, I am now willing to acknowledge we have hit something of a crisis point. Not one win for the season so far. I sat down on Saturday afternoon to watch what I secretly hoped would be our first win for the season. Instead I found myself asking who this team was. They were certainly not a Swans team. Not the Swans I know and love.

They were playing okay football with the occasional flash of brilliance. Sadly though, ‘okay football’ does not win games against half decent opponents. What makes this team so different to the one who contested the grand final last year? The little things that mean everything.

We have no confidence in anything that we do. We kick, but not with clear direction and purpose. We strike the ball with equal amounts force and hope. It is simply not good enough. Our defensive effort was admirable but when we did win ourselves ball we didn’t convert as we should have done. It appeared our plan was to grind away a win one point at a time. Three opportunities in front of goal should result in 18 points, not 3.

Our midfield that used to be a thing of beauty, humming away, now stutters. Every decision weighs so heavily on the shoulders of the players that they seem incapable of fluid movement. Moving the ball became an arduous task, painful to watch.

Inexperience definitely comes into it; there are a lot of young guys out there. However I cannot help but question where the leadership for those guys is coming from. There are enough players out there who have been doing this long enough to lead the way. But they aren’t.

Buddy was M.I.A. for most of the match. Rohan performed well until that sickening tumble. I kept asking myself though, where is the leadership? Where are the guys out there giving direction, instilling that passion and fire in the young blood? The defining characteristic of a Swans team was lacking. Hasn’t anyone passed on the message that we don’t go down without a fight?

All I can do is sit and hope that next week we finally break the drought. Winning just one game will do their confidence a world of good. I cannot stop wondering though, just how did we fall from grace so quickly, so spectacularly? I guess my only answer is sport. It is a complicated and fascinating beast and I for one will be watching keenly to see how this season pans out.



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