Half a game left us not a lot to gain

Tries are allowed to be scored in the first half too, you know Tahs. I started to write this at half time and I can tell you it was titled ‘Directionless and dismal’ because honestly that summed it up. For 40 minutes on the park we had nothing to show for our efforts, not a single point.

Our attack lacked any kind of shape and our team had no cohesion. Any time a player received the ball they looked stunned and had no clue what to do with it. A knock on or any number of silly errors soon followed. We appeared to be doing our best to ensure the Blues had plenty of ball with which to score their 26 unanswered points.

We kicked away all possession and we kicked it away badly. Kicking is a real sore point all over the park. Pinpoint accuracy is employed to pick out the opposition man and send it straight down his throat but apparently getting it over the sideline when we are awarded a penalty is too big of an ask. Surely something that can be fixed.

It is amazing what the Waratahs are capable of when they put their hearts into it. The second half and particularly its closing stages saw a different side take the field. We held onto the ball, we supported each other and most of all we showed real intent. Roach was willing to run straight and hard, the change of direction opening up gaps in the defensive line of the opposition and resulting in a try.

We shouldn’t have to be down 26 points to play with that kind of intensity. We let through a couple of tries with lapses in concentration and it destroyed our chances. All the Blues had to do was keep the scoreboard ticking over and they were home. We made a real mess of things in that first half and you can’t expect to win games like that.

It was fitting really that all we got for our efforts was a bonus point, we didn’t deserve more than that because we only played 40 minutes of football. The frustrating thing is, I reckon we only would have needed 45 to get there.



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