The first one that counts

We reached an important milestone tonight, chalking up that victory that puts us at eight wins, seven losses. The first one that doesn’t simply neutralise our shocking start to the season. We definitely have the chance now to build something and it will be interesting to see if we can. It has been an interesting round of football already; with the GWS and Hawthorn draw surely finally dashing Hawthorn’s hopes of a miracle finals appearance.

Tonight was the kind of easy win that we really needed, something to give our percentage a bit of a boost and let us cruise through the latter stages of the game. It was sad to see how quickly Gold Coast rolled over and basically gave up. By half time, we pretty much had things under control. It was really only a contest for one quarter and a timely reminder that in AFL, winning the first quarter means very little.

It was an impressive display across the board but as always some earned a special mention. There is no ignoring Rohan’s contribution – a personal best of five goals is hard to overlook. He truly has become the star he always promised to be, adding a real strength to complement his speed. When he isn’t taking amazing marks, he is laying fantastic tackles, truly a complete player.

Franklin contributed three and is looking confident, which bodes well for our mission going forward. Another guy who stood out to me tonight was Grundy. Week in, week out, he stands guard, honourably defending our goals and making life that bit more difficult for our opponent. He inspires confidence – I know if he is there it will be okay and he will do what is needed of him.

The prospect of next week scares me, offering us a chance to mix it with the top end of the ladder. While we can dream of finals, until we defeat those guys sitting at the top, they will remain dreams. We can form scenarios in our head and will results to go our way but the key remains simple – keep winning. A draw is not an option. Our mission is clear: turn that eight into a nine and continue to climb.


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