We’re looming large

After watching the Swans on Saturday night, three words came to mind. Here. We. Come. Sitting in sixth at the end of this round we are looking likely to be taking part in the finals series and everyone else in the comp should be scared.

After St Kilda went down on Friday night I knew we would be looking good if we could get the win. Despite the discrepancy in our positions on the ladder I was quietly confident we could get the job done on GWS. Playing out games for essentially no result can really take its toll on a team and I feel the draws have really damaged their confidence.

It was a much closer game than last week and really entertaining. At no point could we really count them out and at no point was I able to get comfortable watching it. We kept our noses in front but didn’t really secure victory until the closing stages of the game. It was a good test for us, as we were forced to continually find the answering goals as GWS hit back.

Our defensive effort really impressed me and makes me excited for the coming rounds. The intensity we are bringing to games is what is getting us home again and again. Our victories are about so much more than kicking goals. It’s the hunger in the eyes of our guys as they hunt down their opposition and demand possession of the ball.

While it has been nerve-wracking sweating over every game for fear of blowing our season, it has brought out the best in this team. They are everything I love about the Swans – brave, passionate and committed. Our season started so much worse than we ever could have imagined and yet here we are. It could have been over weeks ago and somehow, it isn’t.

Like any game of AFL, it really isn’t over until it’s over. Momentum can swing in an instant and it appears we now have it all. We have some challenges ahead of us but I believe we are up to the task. A win next weekend would further cement our place in the eight, but I am wary of St Kilda after their big loss this weekend.

It’s a game I will be sitting in the stands for and when I planned it all those weeks ago, I feared it would be nothing but pride we were playing for. How very wrong I was. Saturday night can’t come soon enough and I will be donning my red and white with pride. It’s time to give those Saints their marching orders.



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