Finally, a relaxing Friday night

Friday night games can really set the tone for your weekend. Last week, I was heart broken. I went to bed feeling angry and disappointed and woke up feeling pretty down. Last night was a whole different story.

The team we fielded would have no problem taking care of almost every team in the competition (barring Hawthorn, but we won’t mention that). There was so much talent on display and so much to be optimistic about as finals draw near. McVeigh was as brilliant as ever, calm and considered and steering the ship with confidence.

Heeney and Reid demonstrated just how special they are, having amazing moments throughout the night. Rohan made the most of every touch and contributed as he always does. One couldn’t help but notice Hayward, as he stood up and kicked three impressive goals.

It was an even more impressive victory when you consider that we were without Josh Kennedy and Buddy kicked only one goal. The side on display last night were a complete team and Geelong didn’t have the answers. Granted they were without Dangerfield and Selwood went off injured for a while, but they really didn’t have what it took to work their way back into the game.

It didn’t help that they failed to capitalise on the opportunities that arose for them in the third quarter. Kicking behinds didn’t make much of a dent in the margin. At times we also struggled in front of goal but ultimately we found them when we needed to. A string of goals soon crushed Geelong’s hopes and I could relax.

The game was wrapped up pretty quickly, allowing the commentators to reflect on the game and the implications of its result for the last 12 minutes of play. I was finally able to enjoy a relaxing Friday night in front of the footy. Last week we saw the Hawthorn effect on full display, but when you look at the record, it seems Geelong suffer from a Sydney effect. Let’s hope it’s contagious.


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